Prof Hossein Godazgar

dr-hossein-godazgarBA (University of Tehran, Iran), MA (University of Tehran, Iran),
MA (University of York, UK), PhD (University of Warwick, UK)

Prof. Hossein Godazgar is Professor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. He joined Al-Maktoum College in March 2010 and was appointed as Acting Principal and then Principal and Vice Chancellor of the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education from June 2011 to October 2017. He had already worked in the capacity of Deputy Vice Chancellor and Academic Vice Chancellor at the University of Tabriz, the second oldest university of Iran, where he was employed during 1990-2007.  Before joining the College, he had also worked at the universities of East London and York as a lecturer and senior research fellow respectively. He has a background in Islamic studies, comparative religions, sociology of religion as well as moral philosophy and practical ethics, with special reference to bioethics, the environment, and the foundations of law. The core of his research interests and expertise lies in the area of sociology of religion, with special reference to Islam and Shi’ism in relation to various aspects of everyday life in the UK, the Middle East and Central Asia. Prof. Godazgar’s current research projects focus on social theory, religion and bioethics as well as empirical research projects on religion and bioethics, with special reference to physician-assisted suicide in Scotland, and pilgrimage in the Middle East.

Prof. Godazgar is the author of The Impact of Religious Factors on Educational Change in Iran: Islam in Policy and Islam in Practice, Edwin Mellen Press, 2008. In addition, he has published several articles and chapters in English and Persian in peer-reviewed journals and edited books. Prof. Godazgar is also guest editor of Social Compass, special issue on Iran, 2007, and is a regular reviewer for publishers worldwide. He has given invited lectures and papers in several international conferences and universities.


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